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Getting Started

Your open adoption web site starts with your "Dear Birthmother Letter" Because your web site works hand in hand with all forms of your adoption outreach, your web address, or domain name should be added to your „dear birthmother letter. This doesn‚t mean that you must have your web site completed before your letter, it only means that you will need to buy your domain name and hosting package, or determine the location of your web site before the letter is started. You can build your web site at a later, more convenient time.

Example: John and Jane Smith went to to buy their domain name and hosting package before they started their letter. They purchased a domain and host for $129 a year. They acquired their User name and Password from the hosting company and forwarded this information on to their web designer, then got started on their letter.

Information about domain names and hosting your adoption web site
Every server on the internet is assigned a unique number an IP (InternetProtocol) address. This number can be thought of as a telephone number‚ which allows other computers to find and access them through the world wide
web. (The domain name acts as the IP address or web address).

A web hosting company is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations with web sites access to the World Wide Web by designating space for them on their servers. Example: My domain name is, and is hosted by There are quite a few options in getting your web site or web page posted to the Internet.
Here are the three most common ways to build and host a web site.
      1. You can buy your own domain name through a web hosting company and use
      their online templates to build your site.
      2. You can buy your own domain name through a web hosting company and use
      a web designer to build your web site.
      3. You can skip buying a domain name, hire a web hosting company, and use
      their templates to build your web site. With options 1 and 2 your domain
      name will appear like this in the url window.
      With option 3 your domain name will appear like this in the url window:
Buying your own domain name is definitely a better way to go. As you can see, the web address is much shorter when you buy your own domain name and you can tranfer your domain address to any hosting company should you need  to, keeping your domain name the same where ever you go. Domain names cost around $8 to $20 to register for one year and in some cases they are free the first year when purchased with a hosting package. Other benefits to buying your own domain name: Your web address is much shorter, making it easier to read and print at a higher point size on your birthmother letter. Also, a domain name can be transferred to any hosting company if necessary without changing the web address. We can helpWith our services you will get easy, over the phone instructions on purchasing your domain name and hosting package. With phone support we walk you through the process directing you to the hosting package that best suites your needs. Often times  as a customer you are promted to buy more hosting service than you need, we can show you the most affordable package that suites your needs.
Make sure to purchase your domain name through the same company that you are hosting with. This will prevent the headach and sometimes, nightmare of tranfering a domain name to your hosting company. Now you are ready to move on to building your adoption website
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